A Checklist for New Bathroom in Adelaide is Right Here for You

Feb 23, 2023 | Blog

A New Bathroom in Adelaide is one of the best ways to renovate your home. A bathroom is one corner of the house that might not attract visitors’ attention. The bathroom design should reflect the person’s style and aesthetics. When considering a bathroom upgrade, you might need a total turnaround. However, this is only partially true. You can opt for a part, simple pocket-friendly bathroom change.

Over the past few years, bathroom makeovers have consistently made the news. Bathrooms are no longer viewed only as a place to refresh ourselves. Whatever the situation, planning a New Bathroom in Adelaide is always a good idea. Planning and calling to action is a tedious task. Read this blog till the end, and discover exciting ideas to plan your new bathroom. The following section will look into the most prominent trends that can inspire your next bathroom design.

Go, Green

With the changing years, the choices of colors also change. Bright hues such as green and blue have replaced neutral colors recently. Colors representing the outdoors, such as green and blue, are popular among the masses. Going green is not only restricted to the paint. You can also choose to build structures of a New Bathroom in Adelaide with natural materials. You can opt for wood. Naturally, we cannot afford to bring the entire woods home, but we can bring in parts to have the same calming effect in the bathroom.

Bring in Curves

Voluptuous curves are bringing over the design of the bathrooms by storm. You can maximize the shape of an outsized mirror by accurately measuring the same. Root for clean, crisp, and molded lines.


Installing lights is an integral part of the way a room will look. This is all the more true when designing a New Bathroom in Adelaide. Opt for LED lights in your bathrooms and add a glamorous touch to your wall-to-wall shower. If your bathroom needs more natural light, this LED light will compensate for the former’s lack. If you want to go fancy, consider installing a light in the shower. Cut down the confusion of DIY. Consult experts in this field. The team will suggest waterproof lighting inside the bathroom.


When considering a new look for a bathroom, pay attention to little details. One such detail is the vanity. A brand New Bathroom in Adelaide will call for a decent countertop. The right countertop making up the vanity will help provide the desired look. Storage space will be ample with the well-chosen vanity.

Shower Rooms

Blend in beauty by fixing up the shower room. While planning your shower room, remember that it has to be beyond functional. Change the way you fix up the showers. Modern times call for the replacement of fast and furious showering. It is the age of chilled-out-me time. Taking a shower is all about enhancing the level of comfort. Trendy showers add a new dimension to the New Bathroom in Adelaide.


Mix the sizes of your bathroom tiles and bring your bathroom alive. Various bathroom tiles are available in the market that can transform your bathroom into an adorable corner of the house.

Bathroom Sink

Sinks of contemporary designs characterize modern bathrooms. If you are a fan of vanities, you are in a real treat. You will find a range of arrogance that can change the look of your bathroom. Incorporating style within the bathroom sink is one of the best investments you can have while designing your New Bathroom in Adelaide. You can choose from corner sinks to a trough-style bathroom sink. At Prestige Bathroom, we offer a range of bathroom sinks you cannot overlook.

Fitted Furniture

If used creatively, bathroom space can become a storage corner for your bathroom essentials too. Once this idea used for the kitchen, has been incorporated into bathrooms too. This clever layout plan provides plenty of storage space inside the bathroom. Plenty of drawers and cupboards can help with storage. You don’t have to stick to a dull color while deciding your furniture in your New Bathroom in Adelaide.

Smoked Glass

Go the 70s way and set up a smoked glass inside your bathroom. A smoked glass helps to provide you with the necessary privacy. Go smoked while taking a shower.

Dressing Corner

Dressing rooms are being shifted from the bedroom to the bathrooms. These come in a variety of designs and materials. For an effortless bathroom organization, choose a shallow drawer.

Statement Screen

Designed to be used and adored, the statement screen will steal the spotlight. While planning your bathroom, you must watch the type of screen you wish to install in your New Bathroom in Adelaide.


Crittall metal-framed windows were hugely popular in the Art Deco era in the 1880s. With the design trends appearing, this has stuck around and reigned supreme. However, it has a contemporary touch to it. These frames are perfect for designing windows in the bathroom. Give your new bathroom a modern touch, keeping the old world’s aesthetics alive.

The points mentioned above should help you design your next bathroom. Prestige Bathroom Solutions takes care that the needs and desires of our customers get attended to. We offer Complete Bathroom Renovations in Adelaide too.

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