Top 10 Trends in a Bathroom renovation in Adelaide for Homeowners

May 4, 2023 | Blog

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As the most intimate and personal space in our homes, bathroom renovation in Adelaide are a crucial element in creating a relaxing and functional oasis. And with constantly evolving trends and styles, staying up-to-date can be challenging – especially for Adelaide homeowners looking to revamp their bathrooms. When you renovate your washroom or build a new one, you must keep certain things in mind. From setting goals and budgets to selecting contractors and designing layouts, everything is crucial.It is a time-consuming process, but with a minor focus on details and incorporating modern technology, you can build a bathroom that your guests feel envious of. There are various accessories and decoration ideas you can use to complete the ultimate look of your bathroom. You will also learn about some methods to maintain your washroom and make it an attraction of the house.

In this blog post, we will discuss some trends for bathroom renovation in Adelaide that can uplift your home interiors. Fear not! We’ve researched the top trends dominating bathroom design this year, so you can create a space that’s both classy and practical. From statement lighting to earthy accents, we will explore everything you need to know about transforming your bathroom into a stylish corner of the house

10 Trends for bathroom renovation in Adelaide

  1. Statement tiles

Statement tiles are a popular trend in bathroom renovation in Adelaide and beyond. These tiles are usually bold, patterned, or textured and can be used on floors, walls, or as a backsplash. Statement tiles can add interest, texture, and personality to your bathroom, creating a unique and stylish space.

There are many different types of statement tiles used in bathroom renovation in Adelaide, which include ceramic, porcelain, cement, and natural stone tiles. Some popular designs include geometric patterns, Moroccan tiles, encaustic tiles, and subway tiles with a twist. The choice of statement tiles depends on your personal style and the overall design of your bathroom. While renovating your space, you must choose the one that complements your space. Porcelain tiles in Adelaide are one of the most demanded tiles for bathroom renovations as it offers both comfort and appeal to your space.

When incorporating statement tiles into your bathroom renovation, it’s important to consider the other elements in the space, such as fixtures, finishes, and lighting. Statement tiles can be paired with more neutral elements to balance the design or used in conjunction with other bold design elements to create a cohesive look.

It’s also important to choose statement tiles that are durable and easy to maintain, especially in a high-moisture area like a bathroom. Overall, statement tiles are a great way to add character and interest to your bathroom renovation in Adelaide. With so many different designs and styles to choose from, you can create a truly unique and personalized space that reflects your personal style and enhances the functionality of your bathroom.

  1. Freestanding bathtubs

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom space in Adelaide, you must have quality essentials that complete your bathroom needs. One of them is a stylish bathroom tub. With the growing demand for bathtubs, Australians continue to look for different tub designs that enhance their washroom appeal. One of the most trendy bathroom renovation bathtubs is freestanding bathtubs.

Freestanding bathtubs are a popular trend in bathroom renovation in Adelaide. These bathtubs are not attached to the wall or floor and, instead, are designed to stand alone, often with decorative feet or a pedestal. Freestanding bathtubs can create a luxurious and cozy atmosphere in your bathroom and are available in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to suit your personal style and needs.

One advantage of freestanding bathtubs is their versatility in terms of placement within the bathroom. They can be positioned in the center of the room, against a wall, or in a corner, providing greater flexibility in terms of bathroom layout and design.

Freestanding bathtubs come in a variety of materials, including acrylic, cast iron, copper, and stone. Acrylic is a popular choice as it is lightweight, easy to maintain, and comes in a variety of colors and shapes. Cast iron and copper bathtubs are durable and retain heat well, making them ideal for a long and relaxing soak. Stone bathtubs, such as those made from marble or granite, add a natural and classy touch to the bathroom.

When incorporating a freestanding bathtub into your bathroom renovation, it’s important to consider the overall design and layout of the space. Freestanding bathtubs can be paired with a variety of design elements. That is why freestanding bathrooms are a popular choice for bathroom renovation in Adelaide. A freestanding bathtub can be customized to suit your personal preferences and enhance the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

  1. Natural materials

Are you a nature lover? Having a bathroom design close to nature uplifts your overall interior of the house. You feel relaxed once you enter your bathroom after renovation. Incorporating natural materials can actually build a positive vibe around you.

With natural materials, you can create a warm, welcoming, and organic atmosphere in the bathroom. Stone is a popular natural material used in bathroom renovation in Adelaide, especially for floors, walls, and countertops. Marble, granite, and limestone are popular choices due to their durability and timeless beauty. Stone tiles with textured surfaces and natural colors are commonly used in shower enclosures and flooring, providing a slip-resistant surface while adding a natural aesthetic.

Wood is another popular natural material used in bathroom renovation, which can be used in a variety of ways, such as flooring, cabinetry, and accent walls. Timber has natural warmth and texture and can be treated with waterproof coatings to make it ideal for use in a bathroom. It is easy to maintain because its resistance is high.

  1. Floating vanities

Floating vanities are a popular trend in bathroom renovation in Adelaide, as they provide a modern and minimalist look to the bathroom. A floating vanity is mounted on the wall, leaving the floor space beneath it open and creating a feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom. This design is ideal for small bathrooms, as it allows for more storage space without taking up valuable floor space.

Floating vanities are available in a variety of materials, customized to suit your personal style and needs. They can also be paired with a variety of sinks, faucets, and mirrors to create a cohesive and stylish look. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, floating vanities are also practical and easy to clean. The open space beneath the vanity makes it easy to sweep or mop the bathroom floor, and the lack of legs or base makes it easier to access items stored beneath the vanity.

When incorporating a floating vanity into your bathroom renovation in Adelaide, it’s important to consider the overall design and layout of the space. Floating vanities are a popular trend in a bathroom renovation, providing a modern and minimalist design while maximizing storage space and creating a feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom. You can put your immediate bathroom essentials in the vanities and use them in the morning and at night before sleeping.

  1. Matte black fixtures

Black is one of the classiest colors used in bathroom renovations in Adelaide. It gives a soothing touch to your space, making you feel relaxed when you enter it. If you are renovating your bathroom anytime soon, then add some matte black fixtures to your space.

Apart from its appeal, another good thing about matte black fixtures is the durability and resistance it offers to you for water spots and fingerprints. They are easy to clean and maintain, and their matte finish makes them less prone to visible wear and tear over time. Matte black fixtures can create a bold and dramatic contrast against lighter colors, such as white or beige, or can complement darker colors, such as navy or charcoal. The overall appeal of the matte black color is sober. The color also helps you to find out dust and dirt easily. it is one of the latest trends in a bathroom renovation in Adelaide.

  1. Bathroom tops

Bathroom tops are an essential element in a bathroom renovation in Adelaide, providing a functional and aesthetically pleasing surface for sinks, countertops, and vanities. Bathroom tops come in a variety of materials, such as quartz, marble, granite, and solid surface materials, and can be customized to suit your personal style and needs.

Quartz is a popular choice for bathroom tops in Adelaide, as it offers durability, low maintenance, and a wide range of colors and patterns. Quartz bathroom tops are resistant to scratches, stains, and heat, making them ideal for high-traffic bathrooms. They are also non-porous, which means they do not harbor bacteria, mold, or mildew, making them hygienic and easy to clean.

 Marble and granite are also quite popular for bathroom renovation in Adelaide, as they offer a luxurious touch to the bathroom. They are also easy to clean, and with strong surfaces, they stay for a long period of time. If you are renovating your washroom and looking for better materials and facilities, add a vanity top made up of marble or granite.

  1. Smart technology

Renovation not only means repairing your old bathroom, but it also involves adding new facilities that make your life easy and simple. Now there are different bathroom technologies that are gaining popularity among Australians as they are easy to install and make your space functional. There are different bathroom appliances available that are very useful.

For instance, add a digital faucet so that you can clean your hand without touching the tap. You can also add the latest technology geyser that is useful for winter. Adding smart toilets in the washroom can keep your space clean and hygienic. These toilets have features such as automatic flushing, heated seats, and built-in bidets. Some models also have sensors that can detect when the toilet is being used and adjust the water pressure and temperature accordingly.

Adding automatic showers is useful for elderly members in the house as they can easily manage their bathing time in the washroom. With smart technology, you can make your bathroom functional and easy to use. You can share your ideas with a contractor if you need any specific facility in your washroom.

  1. Statement lighting

Statement lighting can be a great addition to a bathroom renovation in Adelaide, as it can add interest, personality, and a touch of luxury to the space. There are different types of lighting that can enhance the interior of your bathroom and make things easily visible. While renovating your bathroom you share your ideas with the contractor and choose from a variety of lighting options.

Some of the lights are Chandeliers that can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to a bathroom, particularly if it has a crystal or glass design. A chandelier can be placed above a freestanding bathtub, over a vanity, or in the center of the room. Another is Wall sconces that can be used to add interest and depth to a bathroom, particularly if they have a sculptural or unusual design. Wall sconces can be placed on either side of a vanity mirror or used to highlight a specific area of the bathroom.

If you want to add easy bathroom renovation in Adelaide, then you must choose a floor lamp that can be a unique and unexpected addition to a bathroom, particularly if it has a modern or sculptural design. A floor lamp can be placed in the corner of the bathroom to create a cozy reading nook or a relaxing ambiance. It is advisable to share your budget for better renovation and transparency.

  1. Popular Color Schemes

The interior of a bathroom also depends on the color you choose at the time of bathroom renovation in Adelaide. You can transform the look of your bathroom with a variety of color combinations that beautifies your old bathroom. Some of the colors you may add for renovation are-

  • Blue and white is a classic color scheme for bathrooms, particularly in coastal or beach-themed designs. This color combination creates a fresh and clean look and can be accented with natural materials such as wood.
  • Gray and white is a modern and sophisticated color scheme that works well in bathrooms of any size. This color combination creates a calming ambiance and can be accented with metallic finishes or bold accessories.
  • Black and white is a timeless and elegant color scheme that can add drama and contrast to a bathroom design. This color combination works well in both modern and traditional designs.
  • Beige and white are a warm and inviting color scheme that can create a cozy and comfortable ambiance in a bathroom. This color combination works well with natural materials such as wood.
  1. Transform Flooring

Bathroom renovation in Adelaide can be done efficiently if you transform the flooring in your washroom. There are several flooring options available to you that give a good grip and are slip resistant. If you find your old bathroom floors dull and damaged, then you must choose some new flooring materials. Good flooring can make your bathroom comfortable and safe. The common materials used for flooring renovation are marble, wood, and tiles. Each of them has its own benefit, and you must choose the one that is within your budget. If you are planning to do Main Floor Tiling Adelaide bathrooms then you must go for a durable stone with a smooth finish.

You can add flooring with designs as you want to make it look striking and beautiful. There are different design patterns available for flooring, which you can choose from. Match the color of your flooring with the interiors of your bathroom. Marble flooring and ceramic tiles are most commonly used for bathroom renovation. With the latest bathroom trends, you can add modernity and comfort to your bathing life. Feel hygienic and clean the right-placed stainless flooring used for bathroom renovation in Adelaide.

How to get a good bathroom renovator in Adelaide?

Before you start bathroom renovation in Adelaide, you must know the method of finding the best contractor for you. A good contractor helps you to get the best deal and offers you the latest designs and facilities to transform your space. Here are some ways to get a good renovator-

  • Good research in the market can help you get a contractor who is experienced and can transform your space. You must compare different bathroom solution providers and choose one that suits your budget.
  • Look for the options renovator can offer you for bathroom renovation in Adelaide. For example, a good renovator must have various designs and layouts suitable for different bathroom spaces.
  • Check the customer feedback by visiting the websites of some bathroom renovators. You can get an insight into their previous projects and work. You can even contact them to get to know about their current offers.
  • Get multiple quotes from several bathroom renovators in Adelaide and compare them to ensure you are getting a fair price for the work.
  • Do not forget to check the license of the renovator, as it gives you proof of quality services and registration. Always ask for demo designs and plans before you give the final contract to them.

Ways to Incorporate Modern Technology into Your Bathroom

With technology playing big in different sectors, how can your home go unnoticed in such cases? There are easy and yet innovative ways of Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide that you can try. A modern bathroom design involves the right blend of utility and ease of maintenance. It primarily aims at Tiles Repair in Adelaide to keep the bathroom safe and comfortable to use.

Wait, don’t miss out on the aesthetics! Thanks to modern technology that makes our lives at home simpler and easier. With a range of bathroom accessories available, you need to choose the ones that match the theme of your bathroom. Discussed below are some cool tech ideas that will help upgrade your bathroom like never before. Read along to find out more.

 Smart Mirrors

If you are interested in adding high-tech flair to your bathroom, smart mirrors are your go to option for bathroom renovation in Adelaide. These mirrors are fitted with built-in speakers, microphones, and touch sensors. These attributes help to control the different aspects of the mirror. With the smart mirror in use, you can play your favorite music and receive updates from different connected devices. Apart from this, you can also use special apps to keep a track of your personal grooming. Smart mirrors help to adjust the lighting automatically. You may realize that this is a Zen technique that can apply to your bathroom fittings. It’s time to bring your smart bathroom to life.

  Voice Controlled Faucets

Smart bathrooms are designed to simplify your time there. Voice–activated faucets are one of the easiest ways to introduce technology into your bathroom renovation in Adelaide. You can control the flow of water and the temperature of the water just by using your voice. This tech bathroom gadget is a clever way to upgrade your bathroom to newer heights. The installation of smart bathroom devices provides superior performance of the corner.  Contribute to making the world an easier place to live in.

   Smart Shower heads

Take your bathing experience to a top-notch level by setting up smart shower heads. Programmed on digital thermostats, these devices allow you to gain a control over the temperature of the water. What’s more? Some shower heads are incorporated with digital pressure systems. This allows you to adjust the water pressure.  Hence more comfort is incoming with a bathroom renovation in Adelaide. These showers come with multiple shower head options.

 Water Filters

Water filters are used to purify your drinking water. That’s what we know. What if I tell you, now you can purify your shower water too?  Make purity the essence of your life. You can use chlorine and chloramines to ensure the cleanliness of the water. But these have side effects too. A shower filtration system can keep you away from such mishaps.  It will ensure that the water on your body is gentler.

  Innovative Lightings

Modern lights can help give a vibrant look to your bathroom. Wash off the last streak of worry with the final shower after the close of a hectic day. Not only will you be able to play with the lighting of the room, but tech lighting also allows you to find the perfect match with the interior setup.

Water Leak Detectors

Leaks in bathrooms are a common sight. But you need not worry, as water leak detectors help keep track of water leakage in the bathroom. These water leak detectors beep when there is a leakage in the bathroom. While opting for bathroom renovation in Adelaide, you can choose from different models depending on the number of sensors you want. You might be pleased to know that these detectors come with built-in batteries. So, if the need arises then you can easily replace these batteries. Water leak detectors come in a variety of shapes and forms. This depends on the underlying sensing technology. The three major types of water leak detectors that are readily available in the market are:

  • Flood Sensors
  • Flow Meters
  • Acoustic Sensors

Each of these detectors works in their own way to keep the building in which they are installed safe.

Smart Toilets

 When you are speaking about bathroom renovation, the one aspect that cannot overlook is the toilet. With the approaching times toilets too have changed! The models are no longer merely the flush-and-go ones. Tech features, including automated lid openers, heated seats, deodorizers, and innovative flushing systems, are commonly found in the smart toilets. So, do you fancy such a toilet? That certainly calls for a bathroom renovation in Adelaide. Also, you are in for a timely health checkup using tech-savvy smart toilets. Smart toilets are designed with built-in sensors. This helps to analyze the toilet usage patterns. You can get feedback on your toilet usage too.

Automatic Soap Dispenser

Storing soap liquids in thick bottles is a thing of the bygone era. The market for bathroom renovation has literally ushered in the new age of automatic bathroom gadgets. This includes the soap dispenser too.  They are sleek in design, saving up on space inside the bathroom. It’s time you make washing hands a more hygienic practice. So, welcome to the new age bathroom renovation in Adelaide. Promote sustainability by choosing earth friendly alternative. The volume control of the soap dispenser should be considered. The volume ensures that an adequate amount of soap is released from the dispenser. This helps to reduce wastage. The soap dispensers are available in both free-standing models as well as wall mounted ones. Choose according to your convenience. You could also go for upgraded ones with two-in-one features. The bathroom specialist you choose to consult will provide you with the required guidance about the proper one to use.

Read more about the bathroom technology and know what to pick when considering a bathroom renovation in Adelaide. Make your bathroom a distinct part of your home.

Using Accessories and Decorations to Enhance your New Design

There are different bathroom accessories that are regularly used. These are often overlooked. Certain bathroom accessories help to make your bathroom well organized, cleaner, and more accessible. With the right choice of bathroom accessories, you can take your bathroom design game to the next level. Including more unconventional accessories in your bathroom will provide you with improved experiences. Mentioned below are some of the bathroom accessories that work wonders while designing or carrying out a bathroom renovation in Adelaide.

  1. Towel Bars:

Towels are one of the most common bathroom accessories. Towels are used for times innumerable throughout the day for maintaining hygiene.  Towels help to keep dry after you have taken your shower. Whatever reason you use a towel, you will need a place to hang it up to dry it out. Bar, hooks, or towel racks are the probable choices at your disposal. The choice to set up any of these depends upon the space that is available. If you have limited space and prefer a minimalist design, hooks are the best option. However, the final decision rests with you. Make a prudent choice with bathroom renovation in Adelaide.

  1. Shelves Displaying or Storing Items:

Shelves work best as storage units in the bathrooms. Shelves can accommodate the small accessories including shampoo, soaps, and other toiletries. Keeping the versatility of this accessory, shelves can be installed in a number of places inside the bathroom. One of the corners that you can choose to set up the shelves is the shower. You can store your everyday shower item here. Hence, your shower time is made more efficient.  Storage is one of the important aspects of the overall functioning of the bathroom hence shelves can function as one of the accessories. Including shelves during a bathroom renovation in Adelaide is one of the clean ways to display your bathroom accessories. With the help of the creative minds, you can craft innovative ideas to set up shelves inside the bathroom.

  1. Toilet Paper Holders:

There can be nothing more convenient to get use the toilet paper than to place them on a toilet paper holder. Given the frequency of the usage of the toilet paper, consider the installation of this piece as a long-term investment. Consider choosing a high-quality and beautifully designed toilet paper holder. There are multiple options when it comes to toilet paper holders.  Upgrade your toilet area while investing in a bathroom renovation in Adelaide. There are different designs of toilet paper holders. These range from mounted to the built-in. You can also get a toilet paper dispenser.  If you opt for more user friendly paper dispensers, we have the floor standing toilet paper dispenser.

  1. Toothbrush Holders:

While keeping the hygiene in mind, you cannot keep your toothbrushes lying around in the bathroom. In comes a toothbrush holder. This feature immensely helps in keeping the vanity area clean and organized. If you have multiple users using the bathroom, then this is an intelligent addition to the bathroom. Keep multiple numbers of toothbrushes all at one place. A viable option during a bathroom renovation in Adelaide, it is not necessary to choose a high-quality holder since this item won’t face a lot of wear and tear. But no one’s stopping you from exclusive bathroom furnishings.

  1. Bathroom Accessory Sets:

This is the most convenient way to decorate and match the bathroom accessories. It is also economical. This way, you don’t have to buy each item separately. The company selling these pieces will give you a variety of options to choose from.

  1. Additional Bathroom Accessories:

Apart from the main bathroom accessories, there are additional accessories too. Bathroom renovation in Adelaide can result in providing a much more comfortable bathroom experience. Boost your bathroom experience with the inclusion of these accessories. Improving the interior decoration of the bathroom can be done by initially choosing a theme. Once you decide the theme the rest of the décor can follow easily. To begin with, choose a wall décor. You can include wall photographs, art pieces, or similar other ideas to decorate your wall. The point is to pick out the décor that blends naturally with the overall theme of the bathroom.

Bathroom renovation in Adelaide is a creative activity that can take the entire look of your house to new heights. With the right choice of decoration and accessories you can attain the bathroom of your dreams. The best way to get this done is to consult a team that is professionally acclaimed. They will employ the best techniques to bring your renovated bathroom to life that too at affordable expenses. Create a bathroom that is long lasting and one that can be used for many years to come.

Maintenance tips for bathroom renovation

Enjoying a classy bathroom experience does not stop at merely renovation. A classic bathroom renovation in Adelaide calls for maintenance too. From sinks to shower heads, all corners require adequate and proper maintenance. This will ensure the long service and the upkeep of your bathroom.

  1. 1. Faucet maintenance: Faucets are more likely to wear out. Tightening the faucets, if possible, should be done immediately. If you have leaky faucets, these should be fixed immediately. This will prevent any further damage to the faucets.
  2. Shower head maintenance: Mineral deposits clog the holes of shower heads. Don’t worry, as you can easily take care of this. Soak your shower head in vinegar. You can use a plastic bag to do this. Bathroom renovation in Adelaide gets a whole new meaning with the right maintenance. Fill the remainder of the empty bag with water. Leave it to do its job. After the stipulated time, detach the bag from the shower head.
  3. Toilet maintenance: Toilets are a primary reason behind frequent bathroom leaks. Leaks from some places are more obvious than others. Locate the origin of the leak and fix them immediately. Toilet leaks damage floorings and baseboards. Also, be careful of what you are flushing down the drain. Avoid flushing down products that do not dissolve. You can instead keep a trash bin in the bathroom. Bathroom renovation in Adelaide becomes all the more fruitful with the right maintenance.
  4. Fixing bathroom clogs: Bathroom clogs are no fun. There are ways you can prevent this. Pour hot water down the drain weekly. Strainers installed in showers help store hair and soap residue. Remember to clean the filters regularly.

There are other simple ways that you can maintain your bathroom to keep it safe to use. Consult a team of experts and learn more about it.

The bottom line

So, that brings us to the end of the discussion on the varied ideas of Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide. The different ways to make your bathroom steal the show have been thoroughly discussed in this blog. So, are you looking for ideas to revamp your existing bathroom?  Prestige Bathroom Solutions, with their years of expertise, will turn your bathroom into a renewed corner. A complete set of services, including designing, planning, supplying, and installing, is available with us. We make sure that you get the bathroom that you have imagined. Come to us, and we shall shape your bathroom like nowhere else. Regardless of whether you have a small bathroom or a larger one, we treat each one uniquely. Read through this blog and derive ideas on ways to improve and shape your bathroom afresh.  Bathroom Renovation in Adelaide is now possible with us. Meet up with our team and have a thorough discussion on your next renovation project.